This policy applies to purchase our items only.



Please be aware that all the inflatable items: the package should be opened and tested within 3 days from delivery date.

Please do not over inflate the inflatables to avoid unexpected burst or leakage.

We will exchange the item if you find any defect such as burst or hole part when first inflating it. Please contact us immediately for further assistance to email [email protected] or LINE @wefloatbali with the photograph proof of faults is required. You have to return back as in original item and not wet or used condition, in order for us to check and proceed the replacement.

Using the inflatable float with rough/harsh actions will cause damage and we will not take responsibility for giving replacement.

You may also conduct a free-puncture test by keeping the inflatable float in 6-12 hours without using on the pool / wet condition. If you see the float is deflating itself within 12 hours, you need to immediately contact us for exchange request. IMPORTANT! Please inform us when you would like to do the puncture test.

For our Parrot/Swan/Flamingo designs, we advise not to kick/grab/pull hard on the wings as this may cause damage to the float. This is not about our product quality problem as the wings are designed like hanging on the body part, and it might be easily torn or detached if doing any rough actions.

*We don’t provide warranty to all INTEX brand items.



Full refund will be issued if the purchased item is out of stock.
The process will take within 1-2 working days.

If the purchased item is defect, photos of faulty items will be required and we will then inspect and decide whether to refund or exchange. Photograph proof of faults is required within 3 days of receiving your order.